The Viking Moot at Moesgård Beach (Moesgård Strand)

Next time: 26th–27th July 2014 from 10 am - 5 pm


Under 18s: 20 kr

Adults: 50 kr

Students/senior Citizens: 30 kr.

Each year, on the last weekend in July (Week 30), Moesgård Museum invites the public to take part in the largest and oldest Viking Market in Scandinavia. More than 800 Vikings, from home and abroad, flock to the shore at Moesgård Strand to create a vibrant and entertaining market just like those held a thousand years ago.

The largest and oldest in Scandinavia

The Moesgård Viking Moot has been held for more than 35 years and is under continual development while maintaining popular traditions such as the cavalry display and warrior battles.

Since its inception in 1977, the moot has gone from a minor summer event, featuring a few horsemen (and -women), craftsmen and archers from the local area, to today’s market, which is one of the Aarhus area’s major annual events with hundreds of Vikings from 12 countries taking part and visitor numbers of 20–25 000.

Fantastic wares and great food

At the Viking Moot we offer a huge range of events and activities for both children and adults. Everyone is invited to take a sensory journey back in time to the Viking Age.

The stalls are piled high with wares from near and far, and the craftsmen and -women use copies of Viking tools to make beautiful things of iron, wood, bone, antler, silver, wool, amber, willow, soapstone and a whole host of other materials.

The food stalls send out tempting aromas across the marketplace and offer a taste of Viking Age delicacies.

Archaeological experiments

Moesgård’s craft and skill centre is a special part of the great Viking camp and is located directly by the largest tent on the site, the Viking Inn. This is where archaeology and anthropology students from Aarhus University carry out archaeological experiments and reveal the sources of our knowledge about Viking skills and crafts.

Warrior battles and cavalry displays

The great spectacles of the Viking Moot are the warrior battles and cavalry displays which take place on both Saturday and Sunday at 12 noon and 3 pm.

Each display lasts about 45 minutes and is in three parts: First of all, all the warriors clash in a huge battle in which two evenly-matched forces fight for victory. Then the cavalry take the scene and show off their impressive skills on Icelandic horses. Finally, the warriors return and fight man-to-man until only one man remains standing as the victor on the battlefield

While the cavalry’s display – the largest involving Viking horses in Denmark – is planned down to the last detail, the outcomes of the warrior battles are not arranged in advance; the combatants are not acting. The battles can be seen as a kind to team sport for Viking warriors. There are, of course, rules about how the various weapons can and cannot be used and where on the body an opponent may be struck. The warriors taking part in the battles have trained for years and are members of various warrior groups.

Want to know more?

The Viking Moot at Moesgård Strand is arranged by Moesgård Museum in cooperation with representatives from the Viking groups, Aarhus Fire Brigade and the Home Guard.


Further information about the event can be obtained from:

Moot leader Sara Heil Jensen on tel. +45 2912 4582 or

Dorthe Jensen - or tel. +45 8716 0710


The Viking Moot takes place at Moesgård Strand, about 10 km from Aarhus city centre and about 1.5 km from Moesgård Museum.

Car parking is available at Moesgård Strand, at the moment only limited car parking is available at the Museum.

Bus no. 31 goes to Moesgård Strand via the Main Bus Station in Aarhus. Bus no. 18 goes to Moesgård Museum via Banegårdspladsen (by Aarhus Central Railway Station).

We recommend allowing plenty of time for your journey if you want to be sure of seeing the warrior battles and the cavalry displays at 12 noon and 3 pm. Traffic will be heavy and slow-moving. You will also have to walk the final stretch to the Viking Camp, which is located where the river Giber Å meets the Bay of Aarhus.