A new museum on the way at Moesgård

A new museum building is presently under construction at Moesgård and will open to the public in autumn 2014. This quite unique building, created by Henning Larsen Architects, will fit perfectly into the well-preserved golden-age landscape around Moesgård Manor – opening up like a modern-day fairy mound on the hillside.

Exhibitions and facilities

The new museum building will provide a framework for innovative and captivating forms of communication and presentation. These will focus on people and their fascinating stories, involve new approaches and techniques and allow room for insight, fulfillment, reflection and discussion. The new exhibition space will also provide a window to the world for archaeological and anthropological research projects at the University of Aarhus. 

The exhibitions will form the heart of the museum, but the new building will also accommodate a museum shop, café, special rooms for school classes, an auditorium with a capacity of 250, conference facilities and numerous small ‘oases’ where various activities can be held or which provide the opportunity for relaxed gatherings.